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  • Quote of the Month

    Posted in:General Author:
    22 Dec
    "I am the author of my behaviour". View Post »
  • You wouldn’t normally invite hundreds of strangers into your home, but every weekend real estate agents ask vendors to do just that.  And police say they have good reason to be nervous.  It’s an uncomfortable experience, but many home sellers need to be vigilant against identity and property theft when opening their homes for inspection, police say.  Thieves can use the opportunity to steal concealable valuables, steal identities and case properties for later raids, Inspector Tony Langdon of the Victoria Police Safer Communities Unit said. ... View Post »

    Posted in:Community Author: Default Admin
    07 Oct
    As at May 2014 ABS figures show that 14.9% of home loans are on fixed rates. View Post »
  • Fixed rate mortgages only give you breathing room for the term of the fixed rate – they don’t make rising interest rates go away.  Low interest rates make it affordable to buy, but you have to know what it costs to own it, which means understanding where interest rate rises will leave you. The best property investments are made at purchase.  Try to buy a property at a good price, with low maintenance, in a high-demand area, where prices are just starting to... View Post »
  • Mornington on the Map!

    Posted in:General Posted in:Community Author: Isabella
    28 May
    Mornington will join the cruise circuit when P&O Cruises launches its first P&O 'SeaBreak' to the Mornington Peninsula in March 2015.  "Pacific Pearl" will sail from Sydney to Mornington on a four night cruise departing 6th March 2015.  The announcement from P&O is a great boost for Mornington and the entire Peninsula. 'Pacific Pearl' carries 1800 passengers, with 11 decks and an overall length of 247 metres.  She will anchor off Mornington, allowing passengers to be brought ashore by tender. The economic benefits of the cruise... View Post »
  • Choosing an Agent

    Posted in:General Posted in:Community Author: Isabella
    16 Apr
    Do your homework, then interview several agents, but give them your time.  The longer you talk to them, the more you ask questions, the more likely you will get a 'feel' for how competent they are and what they will do for you. .....And remember the golden rule: *You may like someone you don't trust but you'll never trust someone you don't like!  Never list your home for sale with an agent you don't like.* *Victoria Knox* View Post »
  • There is another buyer...

    Posted in:General Author: Isabella
    17 Jan
    A fibbing agent will become obvious the more you engage with them.  Ask lots of questions and the truth may become apparent. View Post »
  • The McGrath Foundation

    Posted in:General Author: Isabella
    06 Dec
    *Make a Donation* Help the McGrath Foundation raise money to fund McGrath Breast Care Nurses.  Please call the Donations Team on 02 8962 6100 if you would like to make a donation. *Warlimont and Nutt proudly support the McGrath Foundation* View Post »

    Posted in:General Author: Isabella
    09 Nov
    It is 40 years since the idea of a freeway was first mooted and we are all delighted that Peninsula Link is now a reality, having opened this year.  There are now two exit options to Mt Martha when travelling south: 1.  Take the 'Balnarring' exit and then turn north towards Mornington to gain easy access to Mt Martha Village down Craigie Road. 2.  Take the 'Mt Martha' exit, which also has signage for Red Hill, turn right onto the Nepean Highway and... View Post »
  • 1.  What price will I get? 2.  When will I get it? 3.  What are the TOTAL costs of selling my property (advertising PLUS commission)? 4.  If I don't sell, do I have to pay any money?  If so, why? 5.  If I sell for a lower price, can I pay a lower commission?  If not, why not? 6.  If I choose an agent and am not happy with the service, can I sack the agent? 7.  Is there anything else I can do to... View Post »



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